Over the past few years I have been doing some sole /soul searching. I keep hearing the voices “do what you love the money will follow”. Well not really, or should I say not really because I am in my 50’s, have two children nearing college age (entering the driving age is enough right now), and have never been that person who will risk it all.

I have dabbled in a number of start-up businesses. All of which I enjoyed, but never really had the drive, fun or passion to come home from work, and work another eight hours. Shoezzamm! has changed that! I love this business. I love the hunt for a great pair of shoes. I love speaking with other shoe lovers, I love the love affair many women have with their heels. I could relate to Carrie Bradshaw and how the shoes in the window would pull those girls in right off the street.

As I sat one hot summer night waiting patiently for my daughter to finish a performance, I panned for shoes. Yes it’s like looking for gold. Some “people watch”, but my eyes are drawn down to the feet. The shoe that called to each individual to put them on for this evenings performance. The one that said comfort, class, style or sass.

Last year I decided to take the leap and open Shoezzamm! A marketplace where shoe lovers can “SELL the shoes they rarely wear and quickly BUY another pair”. My goal is that just as Etsy created a niche for buyers and sellers who like unique hand crafted quality items, Shoezzamm! will attract shoe lovers worldwide who enjoy the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes at the right price.fb-ad-simple

Yes, the nemesis for Shoezzamm! was a killer foot fetish and a very small closet, but it has grown into a love for style, sustainability, frugality and how a pair of shoes can transform not only your outfit but your attitude!

Not only has Shoezzamm! opened up a fun new world of glam for me, I have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship. I will be seeking marketing tips, funding sources and general business tips from other successful business owners. I humbly ask that you like Shoezzamm! on your favorite social media channel, share the site with fanatical shoe loving friends and visit the site often as our inventory changes daily!

Dina Clifford
Founder of the Fetish